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Family sharing included - free for 2 more members

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Should I pay via iTunes?
We strongly recommend to buy the ROUVY subscription via this website. ROUVY supports monthly payments via the App Store/iTunes only. If you have the existing App Store/iTunes ROUVY subscription and you want to migrate, please contact support@rouvy.com so we can help.
I am using iPad/iPhone, but I want to use the desktop route editor. Do I need the active subscription?
Route editor is free. You don't need to buy the subscription. Route editor is available on Windows only, but you can also upload the activity into your training diary and create the route based on outdoor data via the Rouvy web portal.
Can I pay via PayPal?
Sure. You can select PayPal as the payment method during the checkout process of the subscription order. It is simple.
My wife wants to ride on the same computer with me. Is it necessary to buy another subscription? Or can she use mine?
Yes, your wife can be assigned to your profile as a member of your family. She will get the same functionality but limited to the same devices as you. More about family sharing here.
What happens once 14 days trial period is over?
During the first 14 days of the trial period all features are enabled. Once the trial expires, you can't enter the ride anymore. You can reactivate your subscription at any time to unlock all functionality again by recharging your account balance.
How can I change or cancel the subscription plan?
All Rouvy pricing plans purchased via the ROUVY website are connected to your user account. You can log into your Rouvy account and manage the subscription in Settings > Subscription. In case of iTunes / Google Play payments, you have to make any changes via your iTunes / Google Play account.
I have an active subscription which works well on my other device. On my new device I can't activate it. What's wrong?
You have probably exceeded the number of allowed devices for your subscription. Please check the management of allowed devices and remove an unused device first. After that you can try to refresh the settings in the new Rouvy App (or log in again). More about allowed devices here.